Brave Valkyrie Beyblade B-163 Super King .Ev' 2A SET w/ L+R launcher USA SELLER!

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Brave Valkyrie Beyblade BOOSTER B-163 Super King .Ev 2A SET w/ L+R Launcher  - USA SELLER! ENJOY FAST AND FREE SHIPPING! Items are shipped usps first class and takes 1-3 days to receive your order.  All items are shipped within less than 24 hours of purchase. Enjoy the safety of purchasing with a Top Rated Seller, and the best prices around!
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Beyblade Burst GT B-163 Brave Valkyrie SET w/ L+R launcher 
Great beyblade for collectors!
Individual Beyblade  + Exclusive Blue L+R String Launcher.
(All Burst Beyblades are compatible with all Burst launchers so if you have any launchers from previous purchases they will work with this.)

What's Inside:
  • Chip 
  • Layer Weight
  • Layer Base
  • Forge Disc 
  • Performance tip 
  • Sticker Set
  • Blue Left and Right String Launcher

*Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States!!

(Compatible with all other Beyblade brands)

Brave Valkyrie Beyblade
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